Young Associates of the Putnam County Historical Society

November 4, 2006: "Got Art?"


A discussion of the beauty of Hudson River art and the value of collecting it.
Conducted by Dr. Trudie A. Grace, curator of the PHCS-FSM and Mr. Bruce Gimelson

Hosted by:

Jennifer and Kevin Marrinan and Heather and Neal Zuckerman

Curator Trudie A. Grace Damian and Melanie Lisotta Foreground, Bruce Gimelson, Art Appraiser
Kevin and Jen Marrinan, Clea White, Brian Knapp Hank and Krista Osborn Howard and Randi Davis
Liz Grasso, Nicole Jandrucko, Valerie Young, Kendell Munzer Monica Mahoney, Randi Davis, Hara Schwartz Spiros Angelopoulos and Anita Hall
Heather and Seamus Quigley Heather and Neal Zuckerman, Kevin and Jen Marrinan  

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