Philipstown Area, including Cold Spring, Garrison and Nelsonville

Boscobel Restoration, Inc.
A Museum of the Decorative Arts of the Federal Period

Julia L. Butterfield Memorial Library
Cold Spring

Cold Spring Merchants Association
Cold Spring

The Desmond - Fish Library

Manitoga/The Russel Wright Design Center
Nature & Design Center

West Point Foundry Preserve

Earthwatch Institute
Archaeology at West Point Foundry

Michigan Technological University

2004 Field School in Industrial Archaeology

New York Public Library
West Point Foundry

Scenic Hudson

Smithsonian National Museum of
American History
Robert Parker Parrott

Putnam County

Office of the County Historian
A Brief History of Putnam County

Putnam County Visitor's Bureau

Kent Public Library

Putnam Valley Free Library
Putnam Valley

Southeast Museum

Hudson Valley Region
& elsewhere

Historic Hudson Valley

Hudson River Valley Institute
Marist College, Poughkeepsie

Preserve America
Washington, DC

West Point Museum
West Point/ Highland Falls