Family Genealogy

Material and information on over 800 families from the Philipstown and surrounding Putnam County area is available in the Putnam County Historical Society & Foundry School Museum genealogy files and research library.  Highlighted are five of the most prominent families or individual citizens whose lives and work most influenced the history and culture of Cold Spring, Nelsonville, Garrison and the Highlands.  Descendants constantly request information about their families as well as update the files. Inquiries come from all over the nation as families have grown or relocated.  

A comprehensive list of all the families that we have information on is in our List of Families.
Feel free to contact us for more information on your ancestors.

In addition to individual files there is a wealth of information in the research library; the Putnam County News and Recorder newspaper collection on microfilm (1866 to present); and scrapbooks of articles and announcements from various sources.

Researchers at PCHS&FSM are not genealogists, although they try to gather a good many materials of interest to those tracing family histories, and they are happy to try to help.

    Telephone: 845-265-4010
                      FAX: 845-265-2884
    Or write to:
                     PCHS & FSM Research Dept.
                     63 Chestnut St. 
                     Cold Spring, NY 10516.

              *RESEARCH FEE: $10 per hour; copies 25 cents ea.