Philipse Family

Adolphus Philipse, (The Patent)

In 1697, Adolphus Philipse, second son of the first Lord of the Manor of Philipsborough, purchased from Lambert Dortlandt and Jan Sybrandt, who had bought it a few years before from the Wiccopee chiefs, a tract of land which became known as the Highland Patent. This tract extended approximately 20 miles along the east shore of the Hudson, from Annsville Creek to the Fish Kill, and eastward some 20 odd miles to the border of the Connecticut Province. The Patent included Polopel Island in the Hudson River.

Shortly after his purchase, Adolphus Philipse, who made his residence at the Castle near Tarrytown and maintained only a bachelor shooting lodge on Lake Mahopac in the Highland Patent, opened the tract to tenant settlers. It was his continued policy through 50 years, and the policy of his heirs, to rent, not to sell, land. The family was particularly jealous of the property on the river front.

The Highland Patent was incorporated in the County of Dutchess and was known as the "South Precinct." In 1812 all but a very small portion of this South Precinct was cut off from Dutchess County and became Putnam County.

After the death of Adolphus Philipse (1749), the Highland Patent was inherited by his nephew, Frederick Philipse, his only heir-at-law, and Lord of the Manor at Phillipsburg in Westchester County. At the death of Frederick Philipse in 1751, the Highland Patent was inherited by his son, Philip Philipse, and three daughters, Susannah (wife of Beverly Robinson), Mary (late wife of Col. Roger Morris), and Margaret, who died intestate. Margaret's portion was, by terms of her father's will, equally divided among her brother and sisters, and in 1751, after a survey of the whole tract, it was geographically divided into nine Lots; three on the river; three in the interior; three on the eastern (Connecticut) border. Each of the three heirs inherited a lot in each division.

Our interest centers in the three Lots on the Hudson known as Water Lot No. 1, Water Lot No. 2, and Water Lot No. 3. These were the property, respectively of Susannah Philipse, wife if Col. Beverly Robinson; of Philip Philipse, whose wife was Margaret Martson; and Mary Philipse, who married Col. Roger Morris.

Further information may be obtained form our reference book, "History of Putnam County, New York," by William Pelletreau, as well as from our genealogical records.